Sunday, March 15, 2015

Purchases since August 2014


I am Div4son.

It is about time to show the portfolio I have been building. My goal is to acquire 30-50 stocks - but I have already started doubling up on existing positions while I search for more bargains.

This is a summary of my purchases since August 2014 when I started investing in dividend stocks.

While with plot of the history of purchases, I notice that I am buying multiple companies when there is a dip in the market. However, this is something I need to be conscious of in the future. My goal is to invest regularly. Sometimes, I am pulling the trigger too often.

While the market has been going up and down, my key focus is the dividends per month. I am nearing the $100 a month mark. This is not bad considering I started only August of last year.
My average yield is around 3.5%. My estimated forward dividends is $1240. While the overall portfolio is fluctuating like "flappy bird", I see a steady increase in monthly dividend. This is key for my strategy.

This pie should get bigger as we go forward.

As you can see below, I am starting to grow my positions. This will take time, but eventually, each company should provide a regular passive income stream.
With my sector allocation below, it looks like I am focusing on Consumer & Industrial Goods. I will try to look for the other sectors for my future investments.
That's all folks. I will try to spend some time describing how my strategy is linked with my purchases in the next few blog entries.


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