Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Random Thoughts from Vietnam

We've been in Vietnam for a week now. Jet lag is gone! Seeing the sights and soaking it all up. My son is having a blast!

I've been checking my financial accounts remotely, but it seems the market is near its high. So, I've converted my mutual funds in the 401k into cash. My goal is to convert the cash to income producing dividend stocks and even low cost market wide funds that yield at least 2%. I don't want to sit on all the cash, but my old funds were relatively high in fees.

Another thing, I set up a VPN before the trip and it seems to be working well. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a tunnel to a host ISP back in the US which is trustworthy. The encryption of the tunnel means no one can peek at your data. The company I am using is PIA, and so far, no major issues with 3G or good Wifi connection. The VPN is important when traveling and using insecure hotspots.

Anyway, no market transactions this week since no companies are within biting range. I did look at my dividends for May and June (so far) and it's a good feeling that cash is coming in - it doesn't matter if you're vacationing or at home. Money just comes to you and that is a great feeling.

But, one last note before more pictures from my trip. I met a wise old gentleman the other day in Vietnam. He's obviously been through the old and new governments and was successful in terms of working successfully in both. After some translation, his advice really reasonated with me. He said that while we can make all the wealth now, the thing you should focusing on is health. When you reach a certain age, the health part is really difficult to get.



  1. I'm glad you guys are still having such an awesome time. Cool setup that you've made too :)


    1. Thanks Tristan. It's definitely fun from an experience perspective.