Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Results from my Screen

Hello, I am div4son.

For this month, I am interested in High Quality Companies with wide Moats that meet my Google Sheets screening.

Using the Dividend CCC list from Mr. David Fish, I created the following screen in Google Sheets.
  • Payout Ratio < 0.75
  • P/E < 19
  • P/S < 1.5
  • P/B < 3.0
  • ROE > 15
  • M* Credit Rating > BBB
  • Mr. Chowder Rule > 10
  • Yield/Avg Yield > 1.10
  • M* Moat = Wide

The goal is to identify dividend paying companies based on recommendations from various sources (e.g. Single Best Investment, Dividend Playbook, etc)

I filtered the entries if 6 or more conditions are satisfied. Next I filtered further for high quality companies (M* rating A or above with wide moats. Other filters can be used).

The top 10 companies that met the criteria (sorted by Yield) are shown below:

Obviously, this is only a starting point, and one should not invest immediately based on the screen. However, the name are familiar to the DGI community.



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