Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Update

Hello, this is Div4son,

For this article, I will summarize my dividends and investments for April. Since the last update, I have been a little busy with work, so I managed only a couple of trades.

At the end of March, I bought some shares in TROW and in mid April, I bought some shares in FAST - both excellent companies that will help me with my dividend goals.

You can check out the analyses below:

A summary of my transactions is shown below.

Since Aug 2014:

Below is a nice diagram with the graphical representation of the trades. My average trade is around $1,600-1,700 - which helps reduce the trading fee percentage (to <0.50%).

With the 2 new companies added to my portfolio, I have 19 companies now. My goal is to get to around 30-50 companies for diversification.

Using the Yahoo format for sectors, my allocation is shown below. I use this to see what companies to focus on. It looks like that I need to add more to technology and financial.
The two additions bring my estimated forward dividends to around $1260.

In April, the special dividend from TROW pushed my dividends to over $100 again.

I've also added a new tool for tracking dividend increases. In April, one new update from JNJ which increased dividends around 7%. TROW had a $2 special dividend this month also. PG was a disappointment, but it is still a raise.

For the quarter, dividend increases came from:

SymbolEff DateDateDiv PayoutEff Date - 1Date-1Div Payout-1Eff Date - 2Date-2Div Payout-2IncreaseIncrease %

Based on my screen, I will spend more time researching and maybe buying the following companies:

  • CAT
  • SYT
  • GIS
  • KO
  • MSFT
  • QCOM
  • XLNX
  • FAST
  • DE
  • IBM
  • RAVN

Due to my busy work schedule and time with family, I missed the boat on MSFT. However, there are more fish to catch. GIS and KO are interesting due to their dividend increases which moved their intrinsic values higher. I will use my new dividend raise tracker to catch for these types of opportunities. 

Also, I plan to study options investing using puts in conjunction with dividend stocks investing. This also means that I need to save more - which is a good thing.

That's all for now.


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