Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Update

Hello, this is Div4Son,

This May has been very hectic in terms of activities. Since my last update in April, I managed to initiate 6 buys. I also gained new shares in SOUHV from the BBL demerger. In all, I invested close to $10k this month thanks to my tax returns, my high savings rate and a small bonus from work. I don't anticipate this level of investments going forward. 


I took some time to learn how to evaluate REITs and bought some HCP. 

I also started documenting my buys with detailed analyses of the companies:

Below is a summary of my investments. 

Total Valuation51161.41
Total Cost50094.8
Total Gain2.13%
Est FW Div1697.77
Est Yield3.39%

I received almost $120 of dividends in May (with a running total of just over $500). Rising dividends is the only metric that is constant for me. My portfolio value can be up or down.
I am a firm believer in dividend reinvestment during the accumulation stage. Currently, I reinvest my dividends in the same companies since my brokerage provides this for free. When my account is quite a bit larger, it may be worthwhile to selectively reinvest. I will need to research this a little more. 

My estimated forward dividends are around $1700. It is probably a little higher to include SOUHV and DEO adjustments. My P&G is now the biggest earner due to a couple of buys when it dipped to $79 and below. 

Talking about P&G, it is now my largest holding. I want to build up my position on P&G for the long term - but I won't buy more shares (unless it dips to low 70s) so that I can rebalance by adding more shares in my other companies in my portfolio. 

My sector allocation is focused on Consumer Goods. I will add my to the other areas going forward. 

For next month, I will start adding addition positions to my existing holdings. Some companies look attractive at the moment. Also, I will run my screen early next week to look for new opportunities.

That's it for now. Happy Investing!



  1. Wow $10k in one month is incredible - congrats! I agree with automatically reinvesting dividends in a smaller account. I'm doing the same until I generate enough dividends to selectively reinvest. Anyways, I'm glad I found your blog - it looks like we are dividend growth investing for similar reasons. My main goal is to pass on all of my knowledge and experience (and my stocks) to my children. Best of luck to you in June!


    1. Ken,
      Thanks for visiting!
      For dividend growth investing, you need compounding. The longer you do this, the higher chances of success. Based on this, I think my son or my son's kids will benefit the most. My goal is learn what I can and pass it on. I think the blog is useful to track my progress (and mistakes).
      I think our ideas are similar in this regard. Therefore, I hope we can learn from each other going forward.

    2. Hi D4S - Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. Not sure if you have been nominated before but I'll just do it anyways because I enjoy your blog. You can read about it here - . Talk soon!


    3. Thanks Ken. I am honored to be nominated but please excuse my ignorance since I am relatively new to blogging. Let me check out the details on your page.

  2. Wow...thats a lot of capital put to should start seeing those dividends flowing in soon. Congrats on the great progress!


    1. R2R,
      Thanks for all the support. It's been a good month for income from work and other sources. I plan to invest as much and as regular as I can. Hopefully, this will work out as future dividend income.

  3. I like the REITS now. Initiated a small position in W.P. Carey in May, looking to add in June. Other REITS I am considering for purchase in June are Omega Healthcare Investors and HCP Inc.

    1. Dividend Explorer,
      I have HCP, OHI and WPC on my REIT watchlist. I ended up getting HCP in May but it was a close call. WPC is an excellent company, which I may get in the near future.