Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Screen for June 2015

Hello, this is Div4Son,

I regularly use Mr. David Fish's CCC list to screen for my initial criteria.

For June, I modified my screening criteria slightly within Google Sheets.
  • Yield over Avg Yield > 1.10
  • Payout Ratio < 0.8
  • Chowder > 10
  • Wide Moat from M*
Normally, I would screen Yield >2.5, but I was missing opportunities such as UNP.

SymbolNamePriceYield5 Yr Div GrowthPayout RatioP/EROEM* CreditchowderYield/Avg YieldCash to DebtInterest Coverage
MMM3M Company Common Stock157.12.609.70.4820.831.72AA-12.3113.04%0.4345.97
BAXBaxter International Inc. Commo65.023.1015.10.481528.83A-18.2114.81%0.2517.19
KOCoca-Cola Company (The) Common
CVSCVS Health Corporation Common S99.951.4031.20.2924.512.5BBB+32.6116.67%0.1315.55
DEDeere & Company Common Stock92.132.60160.3312.5727.43A18.6118.18%0.138.40
XOMExxon Mobil Corporation Common 84.273.4010.90.4112.6416.04AAA14.3136.00%0.166,412.33
BENFranklin Resources, Inc. Common50.421.2010.90.2713.1620.94AA-12.1133.33%4.7462.29
IBMInternational Business Machines167.453.1014.40.3713.9582.81AA-17.5155.00%0.2348.48
ORCLOracle Corporation Common Stock43.811.4032.70.218.323.08AA34.1155.56%1.3618.42
PXPraxair, Inc. Common Stock121.382.3010.20.4721.4927.06A-12.5121.05%0.0114.75
STTState Street Corporation Common78.521.80115.70.2616.89.64A-117.5128.57%6.46.54
USBU.S. Bancorp Common Stock43.992.3044.10.3214.1413.64A+46.4121.05%0.224.62
UNPUnion Pacific Corporation Commo102.272.2029.40.3417.4324.61A31.6115.79%0.1314.16
WMTWal-Mart Stores, Inc. Common St73.032.6012.90.3914.6821.11AA15.5113.04%0.1812.33
WFCWells Fargo & Company Common St56.62.7036.80.3413.8412.59A+39.5135.00%0.087.61

It's interesting to see MMM and WFC on the list. I have already added WMT, KO and XOM - when I averaged down last week. I also added UNP.

BAX is a good choice, but it has to deal with the spin-off.

Note, this is a starting point for further analysis.

That's it for now... I have no more capital to invest for a few weeks.



  1. Lot's of solid names to potentially buy. I have to say that from that list MMM stands out to me. I remember reading somewhere that basically any time is a good time to buy MMM especially if you have a long term outlook. I know the current valuation is not that great but it does offer an awesome dividend growth history. Curious to see where you make your next buy.

    1. Div Hut,
      I was a bit surprised with the results from the screen. There are some good companies to consider. I have some homework to do.

  2. CVS is an interesting one here in my opinion. Dividends have been growing nicely but im kind of shocked that their PE is still so low. The stock price has been steadily climbing and payout ratio is low. You just dont hear much talk about it nor do i see it in many portfolios.

    Interesting data. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Adam, to be honest, I have never looked at CVS before. I did briefly review walgreens before, so CVS may provide a new option for me to add low yield, high dividend growth companies.
      Thanks for visiting!