Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Update

Hello, this is Div4son,

For this article, I will summarize my dividends and investments for April. Since the last update, I have been a little busy with work, so I managed only a couple of trades.

At the end of March, I bought some shares in TROW and in mid April, I bought some shares in FAST - both excellent companies that will help me with my dividend goals.

You can check out the analyses below:

A summary of my transactions is shown below.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Experiments with the Dividend Reinvestment Spreadsheet #2

Hello, this is Div4son.

Last time, we talked about the importance of understanding the time component of dividend reinvestment, and being patient during the process.

You can read the article here -

The assumptions in my first spreadsheet were simple in nature -- the market will constantly go up (or go down if you put negative growth).

Last week, I tried to see if I can implement a simple model of the market - allowing the price of the shares to go up or down randomly. I added a couple of trend lines (one short term, one long term), with year over year changes completely random.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Screen for April 2015

Dividend Growth Stock Blog
Hello, this is Div4Son,

As you know, I analyzed Fastenal (FAST) - I would like to illustrate my screening process for this month.

I regularly use Mr. David Fish's CCC list to screen Dividend Growth Stocks for my initial criteria.

For April, I modified my screening criteria slightly within Google Sheets.
  • Yield over Avg Yield > 1.10
  • Yield > 2.5% (but less than 7%)
  • Payout Ratio < 0.8
  • Chowder > 10

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FAST Dividend Stock Analysis

Hello, this is Div4Son. 

Since I have additional funds for this month, I wanted to purchase another company to increase my number of stocks in my portfolio. Currently, I have shares in 18 companies, and my goal is to grow to 30-50. When looking for attractive companies, I try to follow my basic strategy - which is:Good quality + high yield + high growth (+ time & patience)

This strategy follows the same framework as the SBI book. 

This month, I used Mr. David Fish's CCC list and entered into my screener in  google sheets. One particular company was at the top of the screen list - Fastenal. 

Fastenal is probably not a brand people are familiar with, but it has raised its dividends for 16 years. 

About Fastenal

Fastenal sells industrial and construction supplies. It started business in 1967 selling threaded fasteners in small- to medium-size cities. Later, it changed its business plan to include some sites in large cities.

FAST has around 2,700 stores in the mostly in US with some international presence.  FAST distributes products to its store sites from 14 distribution centers, with 11 located throughout the U.S., two in Canada and one in Mexico.
Threaded fasteners accounted for more than 1/3 of its sales, and it has product lines in tools with industry equipment including cutting tool blades and abrasives, fluid transfer components and accessories for hydraulic and pneumatic power, plumbing, and heating, air-conditioning, storage materials, janitorial supplies, chemicals and paint, electrical supplies, welding supply items, safety supplies, metals, alloys and materials, office supply items. FAST sells mostly to customers in the industrial/manufacturing market for both OEMs and maintenance and repair operations, and to construction markets.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

T Rowe Price Dividend Stock analysis

Hello, this is Div4Son. 

After reviewing my portfolio last month, I found that I was lacking in the financial sector. After looking at several companies,  T Rowe Price is a good company to buy at this moment. 

In this article, I am illustrating my strategy of picking a stock. My basic strategy is:

Good quality + high yield + high growth (+ time & patience)

This strategy follows the same framework as the SBI book. 

About T Rowe Price 

T. Rowe Price Group  provides investment management services to individual and institutional investors in the T. Rowe Price mutual funds and other investment portfolios. The Company manages U.S. and international stock, blended asset, bond and money market mutual funds.