Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Recent Purchase - VFC

I recently posted my August considerations for DGI investments. Well, I didn’t wait too long. Nope, not AMGN, ABBV nor GILD. Still waiting for these to drop a little more :)

Today, I bought 26 shares of VFC. This time, I bought it in my taxable sharebuilder’s account. (It’s definitely good to be able to buy using both accounts.)

$1562 (+fees)

The dividends per share is $1.48 which is around 2.47% yield. This purchase increases my forward yearly dividends by $38.48.

Nothing much changed about VFC since the last time I bought it in April. You can read more of my analysis of the VFC, valuation and risks here:

My strategy when I first bought VFC is to average down when the price dips. I think this is likely in this heated market.

My next purchase point will be when VFC hits the mid 50s.

What do you think of VFC?


Monday, August 1, 2016

August Considerations

Below are 3 companies with my criteria checklist that I am considering for August. Actually, I wanted to buy a couple of them in July, but the prices crept slightly over my buy zone. If there is a pullback, I will definitely consider adding them to my portfolio in small chunks.

Amgen is a biotechnology company that engages in developing, manufacturing and delivering human therapeutics for the treatment of illness in the areas of oncology/hematology, cardiovascular, inflammation, nephrology, and neuroscience.